Sand Atomic Floral Face Mask

Sand Atomic Floral Face Mask

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Jadetribe Masks are made by their wonderful artisan team in Thailand with love and hopes that you, your family and friends stay healthy and safe.

Their face masks are not FDA approved as a medical device, nor certified as PPE (personal protective equipment)  They were created based on the CDC’s recommendation to help reduce the spread of COVID19 and other viruses.

The masks feature 2 layers of muslin and 1 layer of tightly woven cotton which the Thai government says is the best non medical grade protection.  

We suggest you wash it with warm water before your first wear.  You can hand wash or machine wash. We suggest placing in a lingerie laundry bag if you have one.   The dryer will degrade the elastic over time so we suggest to air dry. 

CDC suggests that you wash it daily after wear.

As our masks are unisex we left a little extra elastic in case the mask is too tight and someone needs a looser fit. You can unstitch the first stitch on the elastic and open it to the 2nd stitch for a looser fit.

If the elastic straps are too long you have the option to either knot it to make it tighter or you can locate the end of the elastic and sew and extra stitch and cut off the excess.