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Ila Ceramica emerged from a process of inner inquiry where ceramics became a space for presence, silence, touch and patience. Camila discovered the shapes that inhabit her in an organic and intuitive manner, leading her to continuous research and development of material, processes, and also herself. What began as a silent personal journey, has turned into a place where poetry, nature and  corporeal silhouettes meet as constant themes in Ila´s creative process. The conversations between the pottery wheel and manual construction derive into utilitarian and sculptural pieces, hosted in two main lines of work: “Centrifuga”: functional ware for everyday life, and “Manual”: sculptural pieces that, while still functional, highlight their presence and their own dialogue with space, a constant theme for reflection in Ila. Ila Ceramica is a small studio with 100% handcrafted creative processes; glaze and clay research is slow and thorough, and no casts are used. Although pieces can be made based upon previous designs, each piece has its own personality.