Services Agreement

Your Account

(a) Registration: To access the Platform or Services, you must create an account (“Account”) on Bonita Lifestyle. Provide accurate information about yourself or your company during registration. You may also create an Account through third-party services, such as Google, Facebook, or Apple. If registering on behalf of a legal entity, ensure you have the authority to bind that entity. Misrepresentation may lead to termination, ineligibility for services, monetary damages, and legal reporting.

(b) Account Security: Keep your Account secure with a unique email address and password (“Credentials”). You are responsible for all actions associated with your Account, authorized or not. Any actions by your employees, representatives, or agents (“Agents”) are your responsibility. Do not assign or transfer your Account without prior written consent. Update your Account information promptly, including Spaces and payment details.

(c) Account Updates: We may request updates or additional information at any time, including details about Spaces or payment information. Keep your Account information compliant with this Services Agreement.

(d) Account Termination By You: You can terminate your Account anytime by notifying us. You remain responsible for pre-closure activities, including payments, honoring booked Spaces, and other liabilities. Termination doesn’t affect contractual arrangements with third parties.

Using the Platform

Ensure access to the Platform and compliance with terms. Additional conditions may apply to specific Platform areas. In case of conflict, specific terms prevail.

Ownership, License, and Restrictions

(a) Bonita Lifestyle’s Intellectual Property: Bonita Lifestyle owns Platform and Services rights, including intellectual property (“IP”). You have a limited, revocable license for Platform use. Do not register or claim ownership in, sublicense, violate, or reverse engineer the Platform or IP. We may suspend or close your Account for exceeding the license scope or disruptive behavior.

(b) Use of Bonita Lifestyle’s IP: Logos provided for Space advertising must be used only for that purpose. Prohibited use may result in termination of logo rights.

(c) Third-Party Rights: Some Platform features are from third parties (e.g., Google Maps) with separate terms.

Content on the Platform

(a) Posting Content: Provide accurate and authorized information (“Content”). You grant Bonita Lifestyle a license to use, modify, and display Content internally or externally. Ensure Content compliance to prevent legal actions.

(b) Accuracy of Content: Provide accurate and complete Content. We may validate Content accuracy using public and private data sources. Failure to provide requested information may lead to Account suspension, termination, or other consequences.

(c) Prohibited Content: Prohibit defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, deceptive, or harmful Content. Do not knowingly provide content with Viruses.

Copyright and Takedown Notices

Report copyright violations, scams, or harassment to [email protected]. Provide evidence of copyright ownership for review. We may share information for assessment or law enforcement. We’ll remove infringing content in compliance with copyright legislation.